Knowledge Development / Engineering

Our KG development engineering services are designed to help businesses leverage the power of knowledge graphs to gain insights and make better-informed decisions. These services involve the design, development, and implementation of a knowledge graph for a specific business or use case. The result is a powerful tool that enables businesses to understand the complex relationships in their data and uncover insights that may have been hidden in the complexity. The process typically involves several phases:

Requirements gathering phase: Our KG development engineering team will work closely with the stakeholders to understand their requirements and goals for the knowledge graph. This involves identifying the relevant data sources, the entities and relationships to be represented, and the use cases for the knowledge graph.

Data modeling phase: Based on the requirements gathered in the previous phase, our team designs a data model for the knowledge graph. This involves defining the entities, relationships, and attributes that will be represented in the graph, as well as the ontology and vocabulary to be used.

Data integration phase: Our team will integrate the data from different sources into the knowledge graph. This may involve data cleaning, normalization, and transformation to ensure that the data is accurate and consistent.

Graph database selection and configuration phase: Our team will select a graph database to store and manage the knowledge graph, and configures it to support the data model and queries required for the use cases.

Graph API development phase: Our team will develop APIs to access and query the knowledge graph, using tools such as SPARQL or GraphQL.

Data visualization and analytics phase: Our team will develop visualizations and analytics tools to help users understand and explore the data in the knowledge graph.

Testing and deployment phase: Our KG development engineering team will test the knowledge graph to ensure that it meets the requirements and performs as expected, and deploys it into production.

Maintenance and support phase: Once the knowledge graph is deployed, our team will provide ongoing maintenance and support, including monitoring, troubleshooting, and updates as needed.

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