The Problem

Every week, 10-50k new potential customer accounts are located via Salesforce and LinkedIn. However, the data for these accounts is often incomplete or invalid, requiring SDRs to manually filter through them to determine their status. This manual process is time-consuming and resource-intensive, and can lead to missed opportunities for engaging with high-value potential customers.

The Solution

By implementing an AI-powered data validation and enrichment solution, the process of determining the status of new potential customer accounts can be automated, ensuring that data is consistent and complete across Salesforce, LinkedIn, and ZoomInfo.

This solution allows SDRs to focus on high-value accounts and reduces the risk of losing potential customers in the magnitude of new data.

Development Methodology for Implementing AI-Powered Data Validation and Enrichment

Adapting the CRISP-DM (Cross-Industry Standard Process for Data Mining) methodology for implementing AI-powered data validation and enrichment solutions emphasizes data preparation, model development, and evaluation against business goals and objectives.

Key Benefits of AI-Powered Data Validation and Enrichment

  • Automated data validation and enrichment for new potential customer accounts
  • Consistent and complete data across Salesforce, LinkedIn, and Zoom Info
  • Faster identification of high-value potential customers
  • Time and resource savings for SDRs
  • Improved decision-making and prioritization of sales efforts

Real-World Applications of AI-Powered Data Validation and Enrichment for Software DB Company

  • Automate the filtering process to identify active potential customer accounts meeting specific criteria (e.g., +3 years operating business, +50 employees, +10 mil in investment funding, +5% growth quarterly & +3% growth yearly)
  • Automatically flag inactive potential customer accounts that don’t meet the required parameters
  • Integrate data from Salesforce, LinkedIn, and ZoomInfo to create a comprehensive view of each potential customer account
  • Replace cumbersome Excel documents with an easy-to-navigate and monetizable interface for managing potential customer accounts

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